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 In addition to providing healthy, natural Organic Pasture Raised eggs, we also believe in reducing our carbon footprint by the use of curtain walls, for natural ventilation, and functioning entirely off grid with the use of solar power. Simply put, we do eggs the old fashioned way, while still using cutting edge knowledge and techniques.

 Pasture Raised is more than just cage free. Pasture Raised means our hens can roam and explore, with spacious yards and perches to allow our birds a little wing room. All this insures our birds are treated in the most humane fashion possible.


 Natural Family Farm eggs are the best of their kind. Our eggs are laid by Pasture Raised hens fed certified Organic feed. You have the right to know exactly what is in the food you are eating and feeding your family. Now you can be confident that the eggs on your table have not been in contact with GMOs. (Organic feed is non GMO). GMOs are experimental technology that have not been proven safe; they are heavily restricted by virtually every other developed country in the world.

 Non-GMO is a short way of saying “Made Without Genetically Modified Ingredients”

  Not only are our hens cage free, but they are also Pasture Raised which means they have access to the outdoors. Each Pasture Raised Natural Family Farms hen enjoys a minimum of 108 square feet of outdoor space. While farmers encourage the hens to enjoy the outdoors, they also ensure that the hens are comfortable within the barns.

 Our all natural Organic feed gives our hens all the nutrition they need to lay a great quality egg.

 You can feel good about the fact that your eggs come from humanely treated hens on small family farms and that they also reduce the amount of GMO crops.

What could be more natural?

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Eggs. The Natural Way.

Natural Family Farm eggs come from chickens raised to the strictest Organic and Pasture Raised standards on small family farms.

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